Lisa Stafford, OD PC
Lisa Stafford, OD PC
Professional Eye Examinations
 Dr Stafford practices comprehensive optometry, including dilated eye examinations to detect disease at an early stage where it is more treatable. She is comfortable seeing infants all the way up through the elderly population.
Treatment of Eye Diseases
 We treat glaucoma, eye infections, dry eyes, remove foreign bodies, diagnose cataracts & macular degeneration as well as many other eye diseases.
Contact Lenses
 We fit contact lenses for almost any eye condition. We fit lenses for astigmatism as well as bifocal contacts.
Optical Services
 High index lens: We are able to get even some of the very highest presciptions to look appealing by using high index lenses. These make the lenses much thinner than normal.

Anti-reflective coating: This decreases the glare from car headlights, overhead lights, and computer screens, as well as makes the lenses almost appear "invisible" in the frame to others.

Transitions lenses: These offer 100% UV protection to the eyes to help preserve your vision as you age.

Polarized lenses: These block refected sunlight to cut down on the glare from the sun.
Laser Vision Correction
 We offer complete pre & post operative care for LASIK, PRK, and other refractive surgeries.
Sports Vision
 We offer sports goggles for eye protection. Both doctors are big sports fans, so we are familiar with many of the eye needs of each individual sport.
Safety Glasses
 We have a very good selection of safety glasses from which to choose. We work with most factories in the area and are familiar with the forms/paperwork your employers require for safety glasses.